profile overhauled

2007-10-13 20:17:44 by Negina

since my other account, anigen, that i did the overhaul on, cant post on frontpage, i'll use my other account to do so


give me your suggestions, tell me how you feel about this new layout

constructive/tough criticism appreciated and accepted


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2007-10-13 21:44:37

you're a suggestion whore.
its fine, the character looks kinda ugly tho. and those things at the left of the header dont fit the sketchy style of the whole thing. i like the idea tho.


2007-10-14 19:42:12

I love the waaaaay you move


2008-08-16 10:01:35

dude thos peaole who was saying how bad that joke was on mariobros realesd are ideots you should do some thing about it like they want ep7 you could say ,if you keep sending bad coments i wont make enymore mario bros z haha. that whold work eny way your awsome all i can say man mario sonic rules!!!!!!!!