Windows Vista: Do or don't do? (Why/Why Not?)

2007-11-22 01:10:25 by Negina

im looking to get a laptop, but the majority of them sell with vista. if it so happens that i actually buy a vista laptop, is this as bad as i've been hearing? well, now you can answer in a simple survey!

1. Is Windows Vista an acceptable operating software?

2. If so, tell what you like about it. If not, leave this question blank.

3. If not, tell what you dislike about it/think is wrong with it. If you like it, leave THIS question blank.

4. If you said "no" to question 1, can you also let me know if/how it's possible to load a copy of XP onto a Vista laptop? If not, leave THIS question blank.

5. Final question; Is it possible to take an old recovery disk for Windows XP and put it on a reformatted vista laptop and load on Windows XP as the OS? If not/you don't know, leave this question blank.

i want you guys to be serious about this, no shitty jokes attempting to be funny or "i hear u liek vistaz" or any other predictable shit that i spent an hour factoring in and out when i was considering making this post.

- anigen


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2007-11-22 01:48:23

Hello, I am Trevor. I'd like to help you, so I will.

1.) Windows Vista is an operating system primarily used for work. It has many strong points including the Voice Recognition software for you slow people who can't type, but it also has many downsides. For example, you can't run many games on it without experiencing lag like hell on it. Take World of Warcraft, for example. Fine game. Very fine. But on Vista, it will run slower, so you can't set your settings as high. Not to mention add-ons would be a pain in the ass.
One of the good sides, though, is that if comes with a free temporary subscription of Norton Internet Security and Symantec. They don't affect performance, and your computer is literally IMPENETRABLE with it. It also has Windows Defender, but not as good as Norton. Now for Flash, I might suggest a mac, due to the fact that Mac has great processing speeds and low lag. It's also very good for MMORPG gameplay.

2.) I basically answered that already. But let me tell you, a useless feature is the 3d window jump. Ugh.

3.)Answered this too.

4.) Well, I have never heard of anyone ever adding XP to Vista. Only Vista to XP. It could be possible by going to a technician at places such as, oh, Future Shop. They have everything a geek like me could want, and their services are cheap. However, I am not sure if XP is even LOADABLE on a Vista. On an iMac, I know for sure that it has a switch so that you can change between regular Mac and Windows Vista iMac. Pretty neat stuff.

5.) No, I am positive you can't. You can't combine XP stuff with Vista unless you are some h@x0r or something.

Well, that basically covers it. If you need any extra advice, feel free to contact our account. I am positive I will answer your PM nearly right away.

See ya later, dude!


Negina responds:

Thanks for your input on this.

Well, when you say "work", I assume you're talking about business, right? When I think about it, it might've been better of me to have told you guys what I meant to do on my laptop, which is in this case Animation and Graphics and such.

Games aren't much of a problem for me, as I probably won't be running any, especially not World of Warcraft-but the majority of laptops aren't good for games as it is, so that's definitely no problem.

About reinstalling XP, I've heard otherwise; that you can actually install it given that you reformat the harddrive, taking all of the VISTA components off of there.

But otherwise, thanks for answering my questions, it'll definitely help me formulate some opinions on this.


2007-11-22 02:01:02

as long as it's not vista basic then it's fine. ultimate is overpriced but works alot better. i reccomend asus because they have the best reliability/ support rating.

Negina responds:

I don't really know the difference between the two actually, but that is something to look into.


2007-11-22 02:05:32

macs are horrid in my opinion. i know. i have one for school.

Negina responds:

This doesn't really answer my question since I won't be getting a Mac, but I'm glad you've at least put an opinion in on this

thanks then


2007-11-22 02:34:35

It depends on the hardware if you should get vista, to use vista properly you need at least 1.5gb ram and a pretty decent cpu/gfx card.
I just upgraded from xp to vista and i can easily say that vista is far more annoying then xp was.
basically vista is a dumbed down OS so idiots can understand it, but anyone who knows what their doing is screwed around by "are you sure""did you authorise this""are you an admin" windows even when inserting a disk.
basically if you dont want to run DX10 games then dont get vista, thats the only reason i have vista at all and on a laptop i dont think vistas worth it.

basically you need a special version of XP to load it onto a laptop... a specialist will be able to do this but i really recommend you don't do it yourself.
besides if you know your local pc guy well he'll give you a pirated version, microsoft doesnt give a damn about XP anymore.

Negina responds:

well, I'll have 2gb ram, a nice cpu and a good graphics card, but is that acceptable for an animator/graphics artist/etc?

otherwise, yeah, all of the windows sound pretty awful, and about this special XP, is it sold in stores or anything?



2007-11-22 04:23:15

i want to get a new pc and im considering to get vista myself only because of directX 10. you can do dual boot so you can select if you want to boot vista or XP when your pc is booting. just install xp on one partition and vista on the other.

flash and mac- im afraid to tell you but WINDOWS is the BETTER operating system for flash. i make a living with flash and at work we use WINDOWS- i know MANY people all over the GLOBE who are professional flash animators and some of them really LOVE apple/macs but still they use WIN for flash because its simply better for it.

Negina responds:

alright, this is definitely interesting, but will having both of them on there take up more RAM than just one of them being on there, or am I just bein an idiot


2007-11-22 04:55:34

Vista's great after you've spent a couple hours getting it to operate like XP. Seriously. I've nearly got mine fixed, except my task manager is permanently turned off and I cannot fix iT AND IT IS DRIVING ME MAD

Negina responds:

that sucks, man

is the extreme memory hoggage an issue for you anymore, or does the specs on your computer just completely bypass all that?


2007-11-22 09:01:50

Vista is definately not as bad as I thought it would be. I also was afraid to buy a new computer because the one I wanted only sold with Vista. It really isn't a big deal, most of the programs people complained about not working on it work now.

I don't know about a laptop, I got a CPU but it works fine for me. I don't really think of it as a "Work-based Operating System" runs games as good as anything else as far as I can tell, except maybe a good alienware.

The main problem i've had with Vista as a flash artist is that occasionally flash crashes when you overuse the brush tool. This never happend to me on my XP comp, but the crashes do not happen enough to hinder you if you save frequently... Well it's your decision, personally I think that Vista is NOT going to die, and buying vista and then downgrading to XP (if that's even possible) is not a good idea. Everything will eventually go to Vista, at least I think it will. It's not a bad operating system and it sort of has the both of best worlds, a MAC inspired interface, but the flexability of Windows PC.

All I can say is I never really regretted getting Vista.

Those are just my thoughts, hope that helps.

Negina responds:

This is the well-needed controversy that this journal needed. It's not fun when I have just one opinion on everything, (eg visTA IS SHIT DONT BUY IT GARGEGFDFG) so thanks for the words otherwise.

I've also been told that Vista will end up being the future. I hope you're right.


2007-12-11 21:33:36

I'm no expert, but here's my two cents:

1.) Yeah, it is. But honestly I could only see it being used by people with at least 1.5gb of ram. It's a hog for realzies D:
I run it with a 2ghz dual core processor, a nice ATI GFX card, and 2gb of ram, so I don't notice any problems at all. And I'm talking laptop here.

2.)The pros:
I like the windows Aero look. Granted, in XP you could just download some mods, but whatever. Icons look alot better as well, but...XP mod could do that as well.
The new power management stuff is good for laptops. It does what you'd expect.
Task Manager is A LOT more useful that it used to be.
Disk Defragmenter is A LOT better than it used to be. It's automatic if you want it to be, and it uses system resources based on what you're doing at the moment. So if you're f'ing around with alot of stuff, it won't effect anything.
The Ready Boost feature is neat. USB flash drive makes things a bit faster, and can actually save battery life on a laptop. As I have 4 USB ports, I tend to always have a flash drive in unless space is limited as all hell.
The sidebar on the desktop is something I can't imagine NOT having anymore; it's quite handy. On mine I have weather, an alarm clock to wake me up with music, a mini-notepad so me and my girl can leave each other messages and I can take quick notes or whatever without opening notepad, and a real-time CPU/RAM monitor. Something you might like would be a battery monitor; I add it when traveling.
I have Ultimate. It has a few extras that kick some ass. My favorite is that it automatically backs up absolutely everything (including settings) to my external HD (or DVDs, if you'd prefer), so if I ever crashed, I could just reinstall Vista, click a few times, and have all my old stuff back just how I had it. I'm not worried at all about anything happening to my laptop.
I know this isn't applicable unless you go with certain companies and options, but I have LoJack (GPS theft protection via an internet connection; I call the center, they call the police and let them know where my laptop is at all times) installed and a warranty that covers anything for two years. I could get my shit stolen and shot up, and not worry at all.

3. The cons:
I too heard alot of bad stuff about it before I got my new laptop. I ended up loving it.
All that BS the Mac commercial rips on about "allow or deny" or whatever DOES happen though, you just have to turn it off in Control Panel. Takes all of two minutes and it'll never bother you again.
It uses half a f'ing gig of ram just sitting there. But with 2gb, again, I don't care or notice.
Gaming is alot better with XP.

Good luck with your choice :)



2007-12-14 17:38:17

not sure what you guys mean by the gaming lag... mine works fine with it, and ive never had a problem in a game that i didnt have on any other computer... course, my processor is a quad core... I have to agree with serdalis, it really just depnends on your hardware, i have 2 gig of ram, but if your gonna run say, photoshop and flash, or something similar at the same time, id reccomend getting higher ram