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2008-07-05 17:12:31 by Negina

go go go


2008-07-02 17:16:29 by Negina


i should use this account more

Greatest videos of all time.

2008-06-23 02:37:39 by Negina

i have now gone into the film reviewing business so i will now be showing off amazing cartoons SUCK MY DICK ZEKEYSPACEYLIZARD

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2008-06-22 04:10:01 by Negina

basically kirbopher invited me into joining into this medley that he and a bunch of my buddies are doing, so i gladly accepted and did some minor singing for it

then kirbopher made it into a flash and put it on newgrounds

if this offends you then you need to go outside

then you need to light yourself on fire

also i am copy pasting this here from my dA because i am a horrible piece of shit right guys

Holy shit, important news!

2008-05-25 05:25:56 by Negina


The Real Conspiracy Behind Newgrounds.

2008-03-06 19:47:30 by Negina

i just had some really good pizza

you should too

The Real Conspiracy Behind Newgrounds.

im looking to get a laptop, but the majority of them sell with vista. if it so happens that i actually buy a vista laptop, is this as bad as i've been hearing? well, now you can answer in a simple survey!

1. Is Windows Vista an acceptable operating software?

2. If so, tell what you like about it. If not, leave this question blank.

3. If not, tell what you dislike about it/think is wrong with it. If you like it, leave THIS question blank.

4. If you said "no" to question 1, can you also let me know if/how it's possible to load a copy of XP onto a Vista laptop? If not, leave THIS question blank.

5. Final question; Is it possible to take an old recovery disk for Windows XP and put it on a reformatted vista laptop and load on Windows XP as the OS? If not/you don't know, leave this question blank.

i want you guys to be serious about this, no shitty jokes attempting to be funny or "i hear u liek vistaz" or any other predictable shit that i spent an hour factoring in and out when i was considering making this post.

- anigen

hello i am looking for an ev trained armaldo for my pokemon team

if anyone has this pokemon i will trade an EV trained modest starmie for it and attach choice specs

give me a moveset for Dusknoir

give me the best possible moveset for Dusknoir and you win a prize

profile overhauled

2007-10-13 20:17:44 by Negina

since my other account, anigen, that i did the overhaul on, cant post on frontpage, i'll use my other account to do so


give me your suggestions, tell me how you feel about this new layout

constructive/tough criticism appreciated and accepted